[Mok'Nathal Treats]

[Matron Varah has given you a list of ingredients for the making of her two favorite dishes, which includes the collection of 3 Raptor Ribs and 3 Serpent Flesh. Bring them to her at Mok'Nathal Village in the Blade's Edge Mountains.]
Raptorrippchen (3)
Schlangenfleisch (3)


[Hungry, <Volk>? The Great Spirit helps those that help themselves. If you want to earn a meal, I suggest that you listen up, because Braagor there isn't going to give you anything for free, nor as tasty!

The raptors and scalewings of Razor Ridge and the Scalewing Shelf have everything that's needed for two of the most delicious dishes you'll ever taste. Bring me their raptor ribs and serpent flesh, and I'll make some of each for you.

I may even teach you how to cook them up for yourself, if you hurry.]


Ihr bekommt:
Rippchen der Mok'Nathal Knusperschlange


Bei Abschluss dieser Quest erhaltet Ihr:
Wenn du Folgendes im Spiel eingibst, kannst du überprüfen, ob du das schon abgeschlossen hast:
/run print(C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(10860))